How lucky are we, that we get to live in a world with music and with so, so many variations of it.

Music that makes us smile, laugh and sometimes cry.

Music is really important to me and I enjoy listening to all types of music and I am thankful to enjoy listening to it at any time and location – On my laptop, mobile phone, radio, car & live venues to list a few.

Depending on my mood, I have a many Spotify music playlist that reflect it. I’m also starting to get into podcasts, which have been great to listen to when I need to wind down.

Just a side note, if you have any recommended podcasts that I should listen to, leave me a comment and I’ll add it to my small list.

So, who is behind these creations that we are so fortunate to listen and watch – Musicians

Music is a beautiful creation and just like someone who works in the office or is going on a holiday, musicians still need to travel to and from their studio.

I am not a musician, but I can kind of understand that the following things run through your mind;

  1. 1. You need to travel
  2. 2. You need to travel from the studio, with your equipment
  3. 3. All your equipment needs to travel there and back safely

And then some daunting questions pop up in your mind and you start thinking about – What equipment do I need and How am I going to travel with it? 

For those that have it down pact, well done but for those who are about to do their first trip, I’ve done the hard work and will definitely be looking out for you.

Breathe, relax, have some tea/coffee and let’s have a read together.

There are many musicians out there trying out many configurations and have tried travelling with Huge Bags, Roller Bags, multiple bags etc

Others have tried the minimalistic option, after travelling with so much gear and go back and forth to figure out what is best for them.

I’ll list below a couple key things that I found were common grounds, that I found were beneficial, when I was on the hunt for, backpacks for musicians.

The less you have to worry about the better. Ok!

1. Mobility

To help you create your own personalised mobile studio, you’ll want to travel with a backpack because they are easy and not complex.

I personally feel that luggage with wheels can get in the way.

For musicians out there who also have other interest, look into packs that can also carry;

  • Photography equipment – Cameras, Drone etc
  • Videography
  • Other Gear

Part of a packs mobility that plays in with this, is how compact it can be?

Look into a pack that is easily accessible from all angles.

What I mean is that whether you are accessing the backpack from the top, side and even back. Every part of it should be accessible.

It will help you take everything out so easily, so that the main focus still remains with you setting up and getting started.

2. Water Resistant

This is a very important factor and is second on my list.

Focus on the type of material the pack is made out of because you will want to invest in a water-resistant pack to protect all of your equipment.

3. Expandable

30L is a great size for longer trips and can carry numerous items like;

  • Small instruments like a Mini Keyboard
  • Audio Interfaces
  • Microphones
  • Batteries for Keyboards and/or cameras
  • Tripods

20L packs are great because they’re manageable, friendly and easy to travel around in the city with.

4. Super Protected

A lot of investing has gone into the equipment, so investing your time into securing your pack is, will go a long way for you and prevent any theft from happening to you.

Look for security pockets so that you can store your mobile phone, hard drives, SD cards etc

Hidden straps are a great add on to look for as well. They can hold external cases for additional instruments, drones, tripods, yoga mats.

There are some packs that have luggage handle inserts, so that you can give your back a rest and let the pack ride with your luggage.

A couple backpacks that I can recommend that suit this list are as followed;

  • Gruv Gears Club Bag
  • Namba Bag
  • Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Additional Add-ons

The main aim is to still give you the option to record studio quality music at any destination, like for example your hotel room or when you’re in the creative mood.

I came across that numerous sizes of pockets were preferred.

Small pockets I found were great for;

  • Wallets
  • Sunglasses

Medium pockets;

  • Jacket
  • Larger instrument

You can even add additional pouches, to make your backpack more organised and compact.

It will help you utilise every space.

I would look into investing in little water proof pouches.

These are great and can hold little things like chargers and USB sticks. Sometimes I feel they can get in the way and create clutter.

These pouches are also great because if you don’t need to carry them, you can leave them at the hotel or move them around, to where ever it suits you.

Another great find that I found is – Removable Velcro pockets.

Yup, I know you’re grinning. I thought this was brilliant!

You can create as many pockets and dividers as you want. Keep in mind that if you find your dream pack and it doesn’t have all the necessary pockets/dividers, I recommend giving these a go.

You may find that your backpack, didn’t have a special pocket for your microphone or there wasn’t a divider thin enough for sheet music, you know where I’m going, the list is endless.

I hope this article has given you an idea of what the capabilities of a backpack can be when you choose it to support your musical instruments.