• Is it large enough to carry everything that I need?
    • Is this bag designed to support my shoulders and back?
      • What material is it made out of? OK, so I do like it, what colors are available?



Backpacks have evolved exponentially. Love throwing a big word like that every now and then… exponentially 😀

Ten years ago, I never could have imagined that you could carry a backpack to work that is so slim and sleek. It blows my mind, looking at all these beautiful backpacks that are now available.

Do you remember seeing daily commuters with the same bulky black backpack, the one that had so many zippers and pockets. So bulky they looked uncomfortable and unattractive… eeeek

The increased rapid revolution of backpacks have changed and evolved. There is no one type of backpack for work, one for camping, one for sleep overs, one for the gym.

I’m so amazed at the different types of high quality backpacks for work, that are now available. It wasn’t hard to find these because they are now so easily accessible.

When I head off to work or have whatever errand to run, it is normal for me to spot edgy packs.

I remember when you could only purchase these in another country, then the internet evolved and we could purchase them online. Both of these avenues were too expensive and way out of my budget then.

Its great time now, that we have heaps of local retailers, who offer these backpacks. We can go in and actually look at the backpack up close, touch and feel it. Probably throw in a catwalk, just to help visualize how this backpack could work with you.

If you still rock the bulky backpack, keep working it and save this post for another time and feel free to continue reading.

I don’t want to talk you out of something that is perfectly fine and still works for you 🙂 When you’re ready, you will have an idea of what is now out there.

For those who are ready to upgrade, let’s get into this.



1. Strong Shoulder Straps

When I am looking at how a backpack can handle itself, I look for the following; 

  • Thick and padded straps that can be adjustable
  • Ergonomic with padded back so your whole back is always supported and makes it comfortable to always carry your pack 
  • Rain resistant bottom, so the bottom of your pack does not get dirty or wet 
  • Super comfortable, does the backpack itself sit nicely on your shoulders and it is not small or too big. This is an item that you will be using every day, so you want to make sure it is comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to put items into the pack itself, to help give you an idea of how this bag can carry itself while it’s holding weight.



2. Smart Looking

I always keep in mind that everyone has a different perspective of what they consider smart looking.

There are some of us who place emphasis on the way things look because we want the pack to compliment our lifestyle.

There are some of us who do not care about the external look of the pack and are more focused on the functuality of the pack.

If you find a backpack that you like and it doesn’t have all the features listed below, that’s great. Why? because, you found a pack that you liked.

Smart looking backpacks are standalone statement pieces, that can hold their own ground. Below are a couple features I’ve noted over time that helps me categorize a backpack as a smart looking pack;

  • Unique
  • Sleek and simple
  • Modern and Minimalist
  • Effortless
  • Edgy
  • Complimentary and not an eyesore
  • Hidden upper and lower straps
  • Not a lot of external pockets
  • Simple zipper/clasp function
  • Press Stud buttons
  • Magnetic Clasps


3. Flexibility

A great functional backpack is flexible enough to take you from one environment to another. This means that, I can use the same backpack that I take from work to the gym, all at the same time.

If I can take the same backpack out for long weekend trip or a camping adventure, that’s another bonus.

There are some that you convert from backpack to laptop bag or tote bag. Giving you a choice to not only have a backpack but multiple bags out it.

This world is filled with so many creative people, there is now copious variety’s of backpacks to pick and choose from.

These creators have opened the door for us to choose from a variety of materials that a backpack can be made out of;

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable resources for my Eco friendly peeps
  • Leather backpacks that is ever lasting and waterproof
  • Scuba diving material that is lightweight
  • Cotton and a wax coat that hold our Canvas packs together
  • Nylon/Polyester is strong, most are scratch proof and is also another lightweight material

Life happens and there will come a time, where you will need to clean your backpack. All suppliers now provide aftercare instructions. I would suggest strictly following this, because not all backpacks can be thrown in the washing machine.

There Isn’t One Color In The Rainbow,

This also includes the overwhelming popular shade, black. Guys, you don’t have stick to black backpacks!

Not only is there a choice to choose what material you prefer your pack to be made out of. You also have the choice to look at the endless colors that are available.

If you truly believe you are a unicorn or everything you wear is green, these backpacks are still out there and are suitable for work.


4. Organisation

  • Everything that you need on a daily basis has a place
  • Needs to hold all items safely and securely
  • Anti theft pockets
  • Secret back pockets
  • Internal Pockets
  • Padded pockets to protect items



Don’t Be Afraid To Like What You Like!!

I personally like the medium-sized pack and this is due to the amount of daily items that I need. If I didn’t need as much, then I would be using a smaller pack.

Medium sized packs can support you, if you carry a laptop, water bottle and gym gear.

I currently use a medium-sized, canvas, drawstring backpack. The size and drawstring creates flexibility with the different weight and amount of stuff I need to carry.

The outside of the pack has one small pocket in the front. Inside there are two pockets, one main compartment to carry lunch, water bottle and gym gear. The other, is a fleece inner lining, where I can safely pop by laptop or iPad in.

There is one small inner pocket, I pop my sunglasses or mobile phone in there. And there is a headphone jack hole for my headphones to slip through.

The thick shoulder straps, help support the weight of my pack and doesn’t annoy me during the day.

I like how this backpack doesn’t show how dirty it is because it’s a darker shade, Navy Blue. So I don’t have to stress as much about cleaning it immediately and can wash it when I get a chance.


6. Before, I Forget To Mention This…

You’re investing in these bags so they can last you a long time. Don’t forget that most of them come with warranty.

Double check with the suppliers before or after you’ve purchased it and follow their instructions.