What only 5 Trendy backpacks.

I know, I know, I could have easily listed 20 but I’ll be here all-day writing and talking about it.

Which I’m sure you have better things to worry about than sitting here reading a never-ending article all day.

So, for today it’ll be 5, then 5 for another day and so on, how about that?

Ok, back on topic, I found 5 cool School Backpacks for kids that I liked. They avoided the following dreadful details;

  • Long adjustable straps
  • Excess zippers
  • Useless compartments

They’re also budget friendly, which I took into consideration, being as these items can sometimes not last that long.

I know my brother would need a new backpack every year and if you’re purchasing expensive packs, the price adds up.

Remember in this article I mentioned the dreaded oversized large bulky backpack, the dark blue one that I had – Trendy Backpacks – My 5 Favourite Types for 2018

Yes, yes.

Great, we don’t want that. That can stay in its own lane, wherever it is.

For a prettier aesthetic and to be more pleasing on the eyes of my readers, I have listed the backpacks in numerical order. The below list was created but they are not in the order that I favour them.

No favourites ok!

  1. 1. Herschel – Heritage

Herschel, my staple and go to backpack brand.

I have the large draw-string but the Heritage is the perfect size for School and even University (College for the folks, from the North).

I have listed below a couple things that I particularly liked about this backpack and they are as followed;

  • Variety of colours to choose from, so many choices
  • 100% Polyester, this material makes it durable against the weather and is tough
  • 21.5L, very spacious to carry more than notebooks
  • Pockets, there is one pocket in the front. The main pocket also includes a laptop/IPAD/Tablet sleeve.

The laptop sleeve can hold a 15-inch laptop however because it is not padded, you can also use it to store books or notepads

  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Bottom of pack is reinforced against wear and tear
  1. 2. Kasqo – Classic

I found this brand on Amazon and not only are they functional, they are really durable as well.

The styles are designed to be low key and there is a variety of colours to choose from.

However, there are not a lot of choices of prints to choose from.

That’s the only fault I can find with this pack however I can’t even put that as a fault, more like a con.

Pros of this pack include;

  • Variety of colours to choose from
  • Made out of Polyester, just like our Herschel friend above
  • 19.35L; it can store notebooks, laptop and much more
  • Interior includes mesh pocket, two slip pockets for your mobile phone and hard drive, zipped and padded and zipped pocket.

The padded and zipped pocket is an inner sleeve that can protect your Laptop/IPAD/Table against theft and damage.

The sleeve itself can store a 14-inch Laptop

  • Padded Shoulder straps and back
  1. 3. Benkii – Day Pack

This is a highly rated backpack across the web and by far beats Kasqo and Herschel.

I came across so much positive feedback for this backpack, that I had to mention it as well.

  • Highly Rated with an enormous amount of positive feedback
  • Water proof
  • 35L, very generous with space
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • External USB charging port
  • Front and side pockets
  • Very organised, there is a separate space for everything
  1. 4. Kopack – Slim

I mentioned this pack in an earlier article and I had to mention it again in this list.

If you wanted to check out that article, check it out over here – Some Tips about Backpacks for Work and Travel

In my opinion, it ticks all the right boxes and matches all the right reasons for this list.

If you are after a backpack that’s sleek and urban, then the Kopack – Slim is for you.

It is an overall sophisticated bag that goes with any environment. However, I’d say that it is more for mature students like seniors or university/college students.

There is also a limited number of colours to choose from, well actually there’s only 2 – Black or Grey.

Nice and simple.

  • High quality
  • USB charging port
  • Multi-purpose backpack
  • Laptop sleeve can hold a 17-inch laptop
  • Anti-Theft pocket
  1. 5. Matein – Business Travel

This was a great find and it holds so much.

There are so many pockets that each one is definitely useful and not useless.

Also, with the number of pockets, it still looks polished and not cringey.

  • Well-engineered and designed
  • Various colours
  • Made out of Polyester, makes it durable against the weather and is tough
  • Water Resistant, great for protecting all your possessions
  • Main compartment has enough space to store everything

There is also an internal laptop sleeve and this sleeve can hold a 15-inch laptop/IPAD/Tablet

  • You can expand and compress it whenever necessary
  • USB charging port

Most of these backpacks are pretty straight forward and simple.

Some of these packs have a USB charging port and that’s just an external charging port that manufacturers have put in place.

It’s just another attractive feature, that is trying to keep up to date with today’s generation. It’s a positive adaption that will keep everyone on the go.

Please remember, you can also add additional things to these backpacks.

If you notice that there is something missing, like for example, you’re not happy with just a nylon inner laptop sleeve. You can pop in a padded sleeve, to help you give piece of mind.

If there is a backpack that you came across that you found and it should be recognised in this list, please leave me comment below.

I really enjoy coming across new backpacks and learning all the new features that are involved in each one.

If I had to choose a backpack from the list, I’ll go with the Matein.

It may be surprising, but I carry a lot of snacks when I study.

Have a great day everyone!