I have a love hate relationship with large backpacks. I now prefer slimmer, fully functional backpacks of a medium build.

I lean more towards this style, so that I avoid carrying more than what I need. They also help me on those busy city commutes and helps me avoid intruding in other people’s personal bubble. We all know, it can get a little compact on public transport.

However, my unconditional love comes to this pack, when I hit the road and travel for long periods of time.

I want to bring the spotlight to the forgotten pack.

Hit by the Travel Bug

So you’re planning on traveling and you’re deciding on what pack to take.

I can help narrow down the choices for you and it all starts with how long are you planning to be away?

For those who are planning on traveling for a long period, then you’ll want a large backpack. The typical ones that you see backpackers use. These packs are the cargo pants of the backpack world expect you would be using most of the pockets.

I personally like a lot of pockets, leave me alone but I expect a lot pockets for this style.
The second one that I will mention is another pack of a semi medium build. Similar to first mentioned pack but the little brother.

There are all sorts of travelers who travel throughout all sorts of ways but below I’ll list a couple types of travel friendly packs to help you narrow down the best pack for you.

  • Traveling for a long period – Backpackers Backpack:
    • You’ll want it to be at least 60 Liters, heaps of space to easily pack your items without stress
    • Hip belt and pockets
    • Shoulder harness and pockets – put easy to access snacks
    • Hydration bladder – You’ll want to have a separate space for this, so you easily access it and top it up when you’re on the go
    • Lightweight and durable material
    • Mesh support, allows back to breath and not always be covered in sweat
    • Expandable to hold items
    • Easily access stuff with many pockets both internally and externally
    • Removable top bag, to lighten your load
    • Unconditional warranty
  • Traveling temporarily – Couple days to 2 weeks:
    • You’ll want something that’s at least 45 Liters because it will be the perfect size for an airport check in bag. Most are designed to have at least two large pockets and multiple small pockets that surround it
    • Anti theft pocket, to store valuable items
    • Large enough to carry a laptop, IPad/Tablet, notebook, large water bottle, pens, power bank charger, Umbrella and daily clothes
    • Port for USB and earphone jack for headphones
    • USB charging, so can keep all your electronic goodies all charged up
    • Strong and durable material, not just the pack itself but with heavy-duty two-way zippers
    • Something to keep in mind when looking around for these sorts of packs, if you don’t want to carry that much, having side compression straps can reduce the bulkiness for daily activities
    • Breathable back padding to prevent overheating. Heavily padded shoulder straps to help you carry the weight
    • Strong top grab handle, to help you quickly grab your pack when you’re on the go

Electronic and Gadget Friendly

The bag designed to always keep you on the go when you’re away from home.

Below are the following things to look for when you want travel and take all your electronic items with you.

  • Laptop Bag:
    • Radio-frequency identification blocking pocket that can safely hold your Passport
    • Anti theft pocket
    • Inside, a rear fleece pocket to hold your laptop, aim for about 15.6 inches, which is the standard size laptop
    • Inner padded pocket to hold your IPad/Tablet
    • Slash resistant material
    • Locking straps
    • Large enough to provide you with enough space, be organized and still protect your belongings
    • Durable top grab handle, creating convenience when you quickly need to reach or remove your pack
    • USB port and headphone jack
    • Front zipper pockets to put things in there that you conveniently need to reach to

Camping, Tough and Ruggered

For those who are planning trips as short as overnight stays to as long as a couple days, you don’t need to worry about those large traveling packs. Don’t even bother about looking at that large bulky suitcase.

You will need something similar to an everyday pack but just a little bigger.

These sorts of packs are lenient enough to allow you to travel with your creature comforts. They’re also stylish, designed to suit any terrain and not give in. This sentence sounds funny to me because it sounds like I’m describing a car to you but hey its similar to a function of a car.

You want something you can rely on while you’re traveling.

Let’s get into this 🙂

  • Leather canvas:
    • If you’re looking at a medium-sized pack, then aim for something around 35L because this will be bigger than a normal backpack
    • Plenty of pockets for multi functional purposes

    • High quality material like leather or really strong cotton
    • Shoulder straps as well as a detachable shoulder strap. Having both of these straps makes it easy for you to transition between busy city commute to long haul trips where you switch up the straps from single to shoulder straps
  • Duffel:
    • Durable material that is made out of thick polyester
    • Multiple compartments, like a separate waterproof area to contain wet and/or dirty clothes, boots. Great to keep these away, so it doesn’t affect your clean items and contains them in their own area
    • Pockets, pockets and more pockets
    • Molle attachments for quick access to your items. I’d attach my hat and water bottle
    • Besides the single strap and hook handle that we’re used to seeing on duffels, you can also get ones with shoulder straps. Gives you option’s on how to carry your bag
    • Keep in mind that most of the space is in the center. So the pockets on the side are kind of wide but not that much. Thepockets situated in the front and back will be thin and shallow, so it’ll only be able to contain items like your phone and passport
    • These vary in sizes so if you like this style but want to use it as a carry on during airport commutes then I would suggest aiming for a size that is around 35L

Try to keep an eye out on this hidden feature…

Most manufacturer’s now include warranty with their large backpacks. So keep this in mind when there is a fault with the pack or it breaks down within a certain period. It’ll help you save a couple dollars and something to take advantage of when purchasing these expensive packs.