So, after my second cup of coffee for the day, I had to check out the Samsonite Business Backpack.

Since I was here, I also checked out their other products and wow they have so many.

They cover formal & business backpacks, that target people who are travelling, on business duties or leisure.

They all look professional, so this would be for people who are from a mature crowd or who cannot carry around bright and outstanding items.

I read that these packs promise to provide enormous protection for your valuables and also give you plenty of storage for all of your items that you wish to pack.

Since this company is new to me, I thought I’d share a little bit of each one, so that you guys can understand where this company stands.

It will also give you an understanding of how each one is different and how it can work for you.

Shall we begin…

Xenon 3.0 Slim

  • Polyester: Creating durability
  • Padded Laptop sleeve: Can hold your 15-inch laptop and has shock protection while you’re on the go
  • Top pocket: This is small enough to carry your sunglasses or technology. It is also lined with scratch resistant lining
  • Top Carry Handle: Gives you the choice to either carry your backpack on your back or like a briefcase.
  • Luggage Strap: Another convenient way to carry your bag instead of on your back
  • Air mesh and Padding: There is air mesh to allow the bag to breathe after being soaked in sweat. This helps reduce the transfer onto your clothes.

Please be aware of the mesh lining because although it’s a fine piece of material, it can easily snag on things like your suit, cashmere tops, external buttons etc

This may be annoying in the long run.

The back of the bag has padding.

The shoulder straps have padding.

This backpack wants to protect not only your items that you’re carrying but you as well.

That’s a pretty sweet feature.

  • Two Main compartments: The one nearest to the front can store you chargers, lunch etc The second compartment can store your bulkier items like your books, laptop, folders etc

With these bags, what I found that was similar was that they are all organised. A pocket for this, a pocket for that.

It’s nice to know, that in this backpack, there is a place for everything that you wish to carry.

Kombi Large

I like how this backpack’s main compartment opens up.

It’s like an accordion.

Also, the interior is bright orange, it helps to find things, especially when the pockets are so deep in this backpack.

  • Looks professional
  • Front pocket: Organisational compartment, perfect for keys and pens.

There is also an inner pocket and you can store a 10-inch IPAD/Tablet

  • Two Side pockets
  • Leather detailing
  • One main compartment: Has plenty of space for folders and plenty of internal organisation for laptops, paperwork, pens, lunch, gym clothes, shoes etc
  • Made out of tough Nylon
  • Padded back and shoulder pads
  • Inner Laptop can fit a 15-inch laptop

My only flaw with this bag is that you’ll have to store your drink bottle inside. The side pockets are internal and not useful.

They also come in two sizes small and large.

If you carry a lot of things, go large.

If you’re a minimalist, go small.

Well why? The large one doesn’t look that big but compacts a lot. Also, you can use it as a carry on when you travel.

Wheeled Bag

  • Made out of Rip Stop fabric that resists pulls and tears
  • Can accommodate only a 15-inch laptop
  • Smaller than a usually carry on
  • There is a lot of space, so you can still use it as a carry on
  • Lots of pockets
  • Retractable handle
  • Hidden straps, you can use these when you want to carry it as a backpack

Now I hate being a Debbie Downer (speaking negatively) when it comes to products. However, there were some faults with this one and I just wanted to bring them to light so that you’re aware.

Please do not take this as a negative perspective but more of constructive feedback from the public.

I do hope that Samsonite, take into consideration the following below and create an even better bag.

Here are some cons that I came across.

  • Not enough room between the bag and the ground. When you pull it around, it sometimes will drag on the ground and can cause damage.

For example, if you put a water bottle in the side pocket, that part of the bag will drag to ground.

  • The design of the top front pocket can be difficult to open because of the excess fabric above the zipper. It can be tedious.
  • The bag is front heavy, so you’ll have to be cautious as to how you pack or else the bag will tip over

Modern Utility Paracycle Laptop

I like how this one looks, it’s stylish and perfect for the office/work environment.

  • Modern and Trendy appearance
  • It is made out of Ripstop Polyester, so it is durable. Extra fibres have been woven into the bag to give it even more support against tearing
  • The base is water resistant
  • Padded laptop lining and it can hold a 14-inch laptop
  • So many pockets, you can also carry your IPAD/Tablet. Be careful to not over fill the front pocket in this bag because it can be difficult to zip up
  • Light Backpack and this is thanks to the light material it is made out of

Outlab Shadow Box

Maybe it’s the electric blue that stands out to me.

From what I can see, there weren’t too many reviews on this pack but do not fear, I was able to locate a couple, like 6 but that’s not the point.


  • Strong shoulder straps
  • Can store a 14 – 17-inch laptop
  • Top pocket lined with scratch resistant material, great for sunglasses
  • Tough and versatile
  • Very lightweight
  • Water resistant bottom

Leave a comment below if you’ve ever owned a Samsonite backpack. What were pros and cons about it.

Have a good evening everyone!