It makes me smile when I see an old school piece of luggage still being used. You know the ones that you carry, made out of either leather or cotton and bound together by clasps.

In my previous role, where I was in the tourism industry, I came across these old pieces.

Nowadays, you have luggage that all match in various sizes. There are now two wheels, four wheels or none.

Made out of Leather, Polyester, Aluminium, Ballistic Nylon, Polycarbonate and the list goes on.

You have the choice to make your own luggage to your personal preference.

And then there’s you and I who prefer travelling light or want to because you don’t need to carry a lot.

Now, what’s a person to do when they don’t want to travel with luggage and is happy to carry around their items.

  • How can there be a backpack, that is light enough, that can carry all my items and still keep them safe?
  • I want to travel with something light and do not need luggage, but what?

Forget the questions, it’s a backpack or a duffel and wow, after checking out what’s on offer, I actually have added a couple of them to my Christmas wish list. If we’re going be realistic, they are more of a desire than a need, but it doesn’t hurt to look at them with love heart emoji eyes.

So, let’s all have a look at what lightweight travel bags are out there and lets also check out some cool features that come with them;


This is an important feature that I first consider looking into.

Why? you say to yourself while sitting there gazing at your computer…

I’ll let you know why.

In order for me to function like a normal human being and to keep on top of everything, I must be organised.

So, I want a backpack that represents that need.

It needs to have;

  • Organisation
  • Main compartment
  • Laptop compartment

I also need to feel that these compartments are not only are strong to protect my personal items, but secure and easy to reach, whenever I have to access them.

The one thing I dread when I’m at the airport, besides the obvious plane derailing, is pulling everything out that I have packed, in-front of a long queue, because the pocket where my passport is, is not in an easy to reach place.

I also take this into consideration because I can’t afford to waste time when I’m running between connecting flights and also to avoid the above situation ever happening.


Not the music but the exterior pack itself.

Those who are interested in something that does not stand out, can look into packs that are;

  • Streamlined
  • Invisible
  • Tons of features
  • Toned down look that can be compressed down. This gives you the option to go about on your day with the same pack, but you can leave your heavier items, like your clothes back at the hotel

This is a great thing to consider because packs like this fit perfectly in an office environment.

Please, please, please note:

To my unique unicorn lovers, I have not forgotten you. For those that enjoy standing out, go for that exterior that you heart is beating for. Sparkles and all.


You’ll want to look at the following;

  • The option to carry a lot of items
  • Comes with additional bags like a day pack – It can transform from being a travel on bag to a day pack. Or you can have an additional pack, which will be your day pack so that you have the option to leave your travelling pack at your accommodation.

You can wear two packs, travelling on the back and day pack on the front and leaves your hands free to focus on other things.

  • Packing cubes – you can pack your bulkier or loose items in these cubes and because they’re all in one place, you can leave them at the hotel and compress you bag into a day pack.
  • You may be a person that cannot carry backpacks for a long time, so you’ll want a versatile pack. Have a look at packs like this that transform from backpack to duffel bag, to give your back a break.

Remember that shoulder and hip straps can alleviate the pain, if you’re a fan of the duffel look.


It’s all about finding the right balance for you.

Make a list of what you expect out of your pack and come to a decision of a balance that works for you.


  • Capacity vs Overall Size – Is the pack the right fit for your body and height. Does it have all the necessary space that I actually need. Sometimes less is more in this scenario
  • Features vs Overall weight – Have a look at features that compliment you.

How much are you willing to compromise carrying while you add this feature and that feature. I know that I would love to have the 22L pack but because I know I’m so small, those types of bags already have weight to it, and I haven’t even started to fill them up yet.

Have a look at features that compliment you.

There are some features that can be personalised and can be detachable like for example pockets and straps. This gives you another option to pick and choose what necessary add-ons you require for your trip.

  • Measurement Requirements – all airlines are different, so double check your luggage measurement requirements before booking it. Some packs may not be suitable for some airlines as a carry on and may need to be checked in.

What’s out there?

Lots, well actually tons…

Here’s a couple to give you a head start;

  • Aer Travel Pack 2 Backpack
  • Heim Planet Transit line Travel Pack

There are so many sophisticated designs being made right now that are;

  • High quality
  • Being made with new material
  • High Tech

Leave me a comment on your thoughts of the Aer Travel Pack 2 and/or Heim Planet Transit line Travel Pack, what were your personal likes and dislikes.

And, if there is a backpack that you’ll like me to review, send me a message or pop it down in the comments below and I’ll look into it!

Have a great day!