Oh, guess who’s back!

That’s right, I am back from travelling and have finally settled in my new home on the east coast. It was such a crazy adventure travelling around Western Australia, that it is great to be in one place for more than one night.

I was travelling in a car, I still had my Herschel with me. It was great to bring that pack along with me throughout that trip and I tell you what, it’s still holding its ground.

Yes, the weather and my sweat have broken its shine down but it’s still glowing in my eyes. I might put it through the washing machine … one day, someday but for now, I’m letting it rest while I get back into this.

So, how have you been? Still hanging around, that’s great!

Today, we are lucky to be alive in this time, that there are designers creating backpacks, that serve a purpose.

You get to see and feel these new modified packs that are now functional and transitional. These beautiful creations are being made to assist you while you travel on short and long commutes.

There are so many variations of backpacks for work and travel, that they are now customised to basically suit everyone’s personal preference.

The last time I travelled overseas, I travelled with a backpack and suitcase. I would like to slowly start travelling with only a backpack but maybe it’s just a “me” thing.

Look I know, I take so much with me when I travel.

You know the “just in case” items, Bahahaha.

Let’s have a look at the list below, to help give you a comparison and show you how flexible your travel trips can be when you can go from work to travel.

Function and Practicality

Organised compartments on the inside: You can look into packs that have mesh dividers and multiple pockets to store your items.

Strong shoulder straps: You will want to keep an eye out this great feature.

If you’re going on longer journeys, then keep an eye out on hip straps. The hip straps can help you alternate where you want to carry the weight. It will help provide relief and take some of the weight off your shoulders.

USB ports to charge gear

Strong material: Breathable back mesh panels, to keep you cool. Nylon/Polyester is strong and can quickly dry. You’ll want this flexibility, so that you are ready for any weather change.

Flexibility: It’s not just a backpack. Sometimes, you get tired of carrying a backpack. So, looking for a flexible pack that can transform from a backpack to a duffel is fantastic. Gives your back and shoulders a little break and another great benefit when you need to get away from a location quickly.

Withstand the Different Weather Extremities

I know most of you will do some research before you travel and check out the weather conditions before travelling. It may seem obvious to most but not so much to others.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t, I do this because I want to take the right pack with me and also to pack appropriately.

I also want to make sure that your gear & personal items always stay protected, while you are on the go.

There are backpacks that cover all these types of weather conditions and then there are some that actually focus in on a particular type of weather.

You can find packs that are actually designed to tolerate the following types of weather below;

  • Rain
  • Heat
  • Snow


Now focusing on the internal feature, you will want a pack that not only protects itself, your back and shoulders but you want it to protect all of your belongings.

When you are so transient and you are travelling with expensive gear, that you cannot afford to lose or have someone steal it, you can find the below features for extra protection.

I like when I see the below features because I feel a little bit secure when I travel between countries with only a backpack.

  • Locking
  • Anti-theft pockets
  • Radio-frequency identification blocking pocket that can safely hold your Passport

Lifetime Warranty

I recommend that if you’re investing in this pack, always look at this area before you purchase it.

Designers have already gone through so much effort to create this pack, that they are not going to stop the connection after you’ve purchased it. They have not gone through that effort to give you a half decent product.

There are designers that create packs that they are so proud of and want to make sure the pack stands by what its designed for, what its intended purpose is. Whether it is weather proof, anti-theft, luxury, flexibility etc.

Therefore, when your pack fails their expectation, they come with a beautiful thing that is called “Lifetime Warranty”.

Check out this section, it’ll save you some bucks and headache in the long run.

Let’s Start with The Below Packs

Here are a couple backpacks that I like, they mention the features and quality that I mentioned above.

It will help give you an idea of what is out there and probably by the time you look at some of the packs listed below, there will be another bunch of modified packs ready to go;

  • Korin Design Click Pack Pro – Anti-theft Backpack
  • Gruv Gear Club Bag Flight – Smart Tech Backpack
  • Kingsons Beam Backpack
  • Incase Icon Slim Pack
  • Kopack Slim Laptop Backpacks
  • Incase Designs DSLR Pro Pack Backpack

One Less Thing to Stress About Your Trip Now

I hope that this helps brings clarity, to help you decide on what is the best pack for you.

What may suit you, may not suit someone else. Most of these features listed above, are designed to look sleek, plain and minimalistic.

You could be a colourful person or like a particular material because you know it works for you.

That is what we’re here for, we’re trying to find a backpack out there that will help improve our life.

Let me know in the comments below, what has been you yeah or nah backpack. It doesn’t have to be trendy; this is a non-judgmental space 🙂

If you want to hear more about my adventure, leave a message below and I might / maybe make a post about it.

Have a great day everyone!!