Ok, I’ve returned from the crazy teenage backpack world and I could easily go on forever listing this backpack and that backpack AND I still wouldn’t be able to keep up.

ALL manufacturers are pumping out these backpacks, at ridiculous amounts.

Listen, I was drowning in the different types of packs that are out there.

When I had a look at what was currently popular on the web, I noticed a lot of similarities to when I was in high school.

And… in my personal opinion, not a lot has changed!

Teenagers here in Australia are heavily influenced by America and that won’t stop anytime soon. From fashion to movies, there is literally a backpack out there related to all sorts of trendy themes.

What I found out, Trendy teen backpacks have a couple things in common and they are;

  • Sleek and Cute
  • Influenced by brands
  • Either simple or over the top
  • Smaller bags are favoured over larger ones with the except of duffel bags

I had to break down the amount of information that was given and took a step back.

Trust me I had too 🙂

I thought, since there is already a vast choice of teen backpacks out there. It probably would be best to write this article to either help you (my fellow teen) or someone who is looking to purchase a backpack for a teenager.

I’ll give you a couple personal tips to help you narrow down, what sort of backpack you should be looking at. Give you ideas on where to look for them and get reviews all before you make a final decision.

Make A List

Make a pros and cons list because this is one great way, to you help you decide on a backpack.

What I normally do is sit down and write down the following questions below;

  • What’s your budget?
  • What color do you want it to be, not what’s trending?
  • Can it carry what you need, if not, then why not? Remember to take into consideration the outdoor and indoor hobbies. You can either get a couple backpacks or one that is large enough but can easily be retractable (drawstrings) so that you can decrease it when you’re carrying as much
  • What material is it made out of? You can go for durable backpacks that are made out of polyester or nylon. Leather is timeless and will never go out fashion. There are also packs that are environmentally friendly. These packs are made out of recycled materials.

What is highly favored by the teenage community are canvas, sports or luxury styled branded backpacks. At the top of my head, think Herschel Co, Adidas or Michael Kors.

Shop around as well!!

I live on a budget and I always have to refrain myself from purchasing items straight away. You never know, it could be cheaper at another location.

Remember, not only are stores are a great place to shop and try on packs. Keep an eye out for in store discounts. If I like something, I screen shot it for later and check out their website. Most of the time, the discounts are advertised and it details if the discount are applicable in store or online.

When I can, I try to take advantage of those discounts.

Online also creates convenience when you don’t have a lot of time.

If I’m shopping online, I first check out InstagramPinterest and YouTube. They are my go to sites that are constantly updating and talking about trendy items.

You can compare backpacks against each other and hear about personal reviews. It also gives a great idea to help put things into perspective and see what the backpack actually looks like.


I’m not referring to not only the external look of the backpack but also the backpack itself.

You can have a simple looking backpack on the outside and it can be sophisticated on the inside.

It just depends on how you are going to use the backpack.

Doing a simple search in Google and listing a couple things that you like and followed by backpack, you will come across something you like.

Like for example; “tribal handmade medium – backpack”

Holographic, minimalist, USB charging, hand made, trendy, vintage, slim and sleek. These are some popular keywords that can help give you a head start.


Adding more to being unique, you can now purchase customized backpacks.

There are multiple manufacturers who cater to this request. They will help you build your own backpack right from picking the material/color to adding your favourite photos on it.


There are just so many types of brands out there. I feel like we have evolved so much with our interest and hobbies, that there are now backpacks designed for each of them.

It is so great how far these backpacks have come.

Back in my day, I had a limited choice to choose between a well-known brand versus a non branded pack. Most of the time, non branded packs were not made with good quality materials and they did not last long.

Of course, they still get the job done but they would be falling apart by the end of the school year.

And the well-known brands were expensive and sometimes way out of our budget. I always found that, yes they were great quality but very limited in the way they looked.

I guess it was easy to look like a stampede and think everyone likes this backpack because every has one, but no. We were just restricted with choice.

There are also luxurious backpacks but being a high schooler back then, purchasing this sort of bag was way out of the question. However, I could still appreciate them online, even if I didn’t have one.

Now that there are so many creators, who have provided us with so many backpacks. They have shown us that you can purchase any backpack on any budget.

These backpacks are being made with low quality material but they have improved to last longer. Some are designed to look similar to high end packs, so you can still be inspired to accessorize and still keep to your budget.

This gives everyone the chance to accessorize both on and not on a budget 🙂

Work It

Remembers guys, whatever pack you like, be proud of it!

You don’t have to purchase the most expensive pack. It is how you work with what you’ve got that matters.

Don’t worry too much about what other people think.

At the end of the day, it’s just a backpack.