When I was in High School, the teen backpacks that were popular, were small and lightweight. Sports brands were heavily favored like Nike, Adidas and Fila.

I was still carrying around my large, dark blue, bulky, non branded backpack. This was my first backpack in High School and it stayed with me from Year 7 all the way to Year 10.

I tried so hard not to be the odd one out but that back pack did not help me at all.

Throughout High School, my fashion sense was developing, while I still had the same pack. It was like that annoying lingering shadow of major cringey-ness.

Mum refused to buy me a new one until I really needed one. That was hard because I am really good at looking after my stuff and I appreciated everything my parents provided for me. It took a lot of will power trying so hard not to thrash it.

It would look too suss if I did 🙂 

Around Year 8, I got a part-time job, as most of us do here in Australia and I was able to purchase my first backpack.

I have brought so many packs between then and now, that the amount is ridiculous and too embarrassing to share. I guess it took that many for me to figure out what I like.

I had fun going through the endless styles dedicated for teenagers. There were never ending patterns and designs, that each one can cater and attract any unique personality.

A little has changed from when I was last in High School 🙂


This is my most favorable back pack and everyone tends to go to these ones because they’re reliable and familiar with them.

They usually have a front pocket, for easy access items like your bus/train pass, student ID or snacks. The main compartment at the back will have either have one to two pockets. 

If it has two, the second one is to store a laptop, and can be made out of fleece. You can use the main compartment to hold your textbooks and lunch.

There are some that also have small inner pockets, so you can safely pop your sunglasses or mobile phone into there.

It will also have shoulder straps to carry the weight.

These packs are great because;

    • Endless colors, patterns and designs to suit all types of personalities. I would normally do a quick search on google to see what’s trending and I can guarantee you can find some sort of backpack relating to it. It can be anything from a favorite animated cartoon, dinosaurs, unicorns to plain block colors
    • Made out of strong canvas material on the outside and waterproof nylon material on the inside. They last a lot longer and can withstand tough usage whilst at the same time protecting everything inside from getting water damage
    • They can either have double zips or a drawstring
    • Ergonomically designed to protect your back and shoulders. Straps are thick to carry the weight of the pack. The back is made breathable material so your back is not smothered in sweat throughout the whole day
    • Wallet friendly, so you don’t need to worry about investing in another backpack for a while

Lightweight & Water Proof

Made out of water resistant polyester and scratch resistant nylon, these packs are equally of great value as well.

    • These mostly have just the one main compartment and no separate pocket (divider) like our canvas backpack above. This pack makes you pack only what you need, so your gear, lunch and note/text book.
    • Keep in mind, some are designed with a small pocket in the front and water bottle holder on the side but not all of them have this feature
    • They have padded back and shoulder straps to support your shoulders and back
    • These packs are designed this way to not only attract teens who prefer a simple design but they are carefree and do not want to worry about looking after a back pack as much
    • They are not only water resistant but also heat-resistant. This helps the material avoid stretching and shrinkage, making it another great suitable pack to use outdoors
    • You can easily fold them and pack them into a suitcase, if you don’t want to carry a backpack while traveling

Extra Curriculum – The Duffel & Drawstring

For most teens who have hobbies outside of High School, you’ll want something that’s a bit more versatile than a backpack.

You can switch between a duffel or draw string. It really depends on how much gear you need to carry.

  • Duffel:
    • Strong and durable material
    • Various colors and designs. They can be as simple as a plain block colors to a sports brand like Adidas
    • Main compartment to hold most of your gear
    • Front and side pockets to easily access slim items like your phone, charging cords, passes or wallet
    • Shoulder and single straps, to give you the choice to alternate when you carry your bag
    • Separate pocket, where you can put away your shoes or wet items
  • Draw String:
    • Casual style, not too many are designed with a print pattern
    • Made out of waterproof Nylon, that is thick and strong
    • Small, lightweight and durable, so it is not easy to scratch and tear
    • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
    • Ideally used to carry clothes, sports gear and daily essentials like your phone
    • Some have front pockets and pockets on the inside
    • The straps can carry the weight of the bag and are easily adjustable

Bundled Sets

With Christmas not too far away, Boxing Day is a popular retail sale day for most us here in Australia. Every year, my family look forward to purchasing late Christmas presents on the 26th of December.

It is also nice to take advantage of a bargain, for expensive items like back packs, on this day.

For those on a budget, try to keep an eye out on pre-made bundled sets. They are wallet friendly and discounted because you’re purchasing a set and not each bag individually.

Basically you can get a backpack and then it can consist of either of the following;

    • Shoulder bag
    • Hand bag
    • Lunch/Cooler bag
    • Luggage, most of the time they are small airport carry on’s but you can find some that are large suitcases

It is perfect for those who already like a certain brand or pattern and the versatility that these types of sets provide. They can take you from school to going shopping or traveling.

Fantastic idea.

Don’t let the back pack define you…

To my younger audience, please remember to;

Firstly, Respect and look after everything that your parents/guardians provide for you. They worked hard for this and its not as easy to pick up off the shelf as you think. When you are older, you can treat all your items the way you want but I guarantee that you will not be thrashing it.

Secondly, study as much as you can.

Lastly, enjoy your time in High School, don’t let the back pack define you, its just a back pack at the end of the day.