The New Year is around the corner and that’s another milestone to mark in my book. I thought to myself, since I love backpacks so much, why not share with you all, my 5 favorite styles of Trendy Backpacks that I have adored and loved for 2018 πŸ™‚

With the assortment of styles and colors, which I admit now, that has made me pull out my wallet without a second thought. I give to you folks, my personal 5 favorites and why they made this list;

  1. Canvas
  2. Hiking
  3. Waterproof Laptop
  4. Leather
  5. Small, Smart and Minimalistic


This is just a personal preference and I wanted to mention it first.

A popular choice that suits most outfits.

I adore the flexibility of this backpack. It’s my go to bag. When I choose to go from commuting to work, to then, going out on short hikes.

They’re also reasonably priced and you can customize them to make them even more personal.

Below are more reasons why Canvas bags are cool;

  • Ergonomically Designed – Thick padding on the back and straps to support the pressure and weight. The padding also protects your valuable items
  • Large Capacity – Most are large enough to carry laptops, notebooks and water bottles
  • Multiple Pockets – Large enough to carry laptops, and small enough to pop away lip gloss and spare change


When I plan on going out camping and there are long hikes involved, this is the style what I would reach for (besides my everyday canvas backpack)

For this reason, they are;

  • Ergonomically Designed – Just like the canvas backpacks, they also have thick padded straps. Most have mesh back padding so the backpack remains breathable and well ventilated

  • Durable – You can trust that they are made out strong and durable material like being water resistant, rust resistant strong zips. The outside material won’t tear as easily and is not easily damaged when you roughly use them. Built to protect all of your valuables with ease and comfort
  • Additional add-ons – There are extra pockets and zips to meet all daily needs

Waterproof Laptop

Most are designed as a slim build which makes them a perfect everyday bag. This is the only type of bag that I trust when I want it to carry my laptop and other stuff but without it being to bulky. I prefer this style, when I’m commuting because I personally do not like the style of large bulky bags.

These backpacks will avoid intruding into other people’s personal space, while you commute to work on public transport or school.

They also don’t take up too much space, which is fantastic. The master of disguise, that they are designed to carry a lot of stuff but remain compact. That’s my sort of bag.

Below are more reasons why I love this style;

  • Ergonomically Designed – Thick padding on the straps to support the pressure and weight of the items you carry
  • Durable – Plenty of Airflow, so the laptop remains cool and avoids getting heated up. You want to pay attention to this feature, to avoid damaging your laptop. They are also made of water resistant material, so you do not have to panic, as soon as it rains
  • Lots of storage and space – With the endless pockets, these bags are designed to not only hold your laptop but everyday items that you need
  • Safe – Most have anti theft pockets. Pop your laptop in that pocket and you do not have to worry about it while you’re commuting. I just love those cheeky sneaky pockets
  • Versatile – I just came across this, but you can also have a built in USB charging port, so you can charge your electronics on the go. What a great versatile feature to have. It’s normal nowadays to charge throughout the day but its great that it helps you continue to help you work while you’re on those long trips away from a nearby charging port. For example, those 8 hour plus airplane journeys. You’ll still need to charge the backpack itself to use this function


Made out of high quality fabric these backpacks tend to be a bit more expensive.

These are aesthetically beautiful to look at and are mostly handmade. The attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into these bags, make these bags stand out as a statement on their own.

They are very durable and can last many years.

Small, Smart and Minimalistic

These bags have a nostalgic feel and takes me back to the 90s, when I was watching one of my favorite movies – Clueless

After that movie, I wanted a small backpack like Cher and Dionne, for school. That didn’t happen.

For my very first day of school, Mum brought me my first oversized large bulky backpack. It was dark blue, that had more than three large pockets. A front pocket. There was no internal pockets. I think the manufacturer loved pockets and went a little to overboard with it.

That probably is one of the reasons why I personally cringe when I see them. I know my mum and she was looking out for me, she wanted me to have a backpack that was large enough to carry my lunch, water bottle and exercise books.

Didn’t end up using the other pockets but I do remember being happy seeing so many of them. It’s safe to say, that it was a norm to start school with a backpack that was bigger than you.

Now that I’m older, I lean towards large versatile canvas backpacks. Must not have too many pockets. I need it to be at least of a medium build because I carry a lot of stuff to and from work. Carrying a small bag is out of the question and it doesn’t help me.

However, when I do get a day off, I can let my canvas backpack rest and reach out to my small Clueless bag.

I used to own a small backpack when I was first traveling. It makes you travel savvy on day trips. You learn to carry only the crucially important things. I was carrying only my Passport, small water bottle and wallet. It was great and helped me avoid spending money on shopping. Plus the only option I was left with, if I did go shopping, was to carry it.

Trust me, as a teenager, that’s fine but now as an adult, I find it annoying.

Below are more reasons why these backpacks will always have a little place in my heart;

  1. Great as an everyday bag when you’re running small errands or for overnight stays
  2. Perfect size for small personal items
  3. Limitless colors and patterns
  4. Couple pockets to hold various items
  5. Completes a 90s themed outfit – had to pop this one there πŸ™‚

Let’s carry on…

I love backpacks as an accessory and for me, it completes my outfit. Now that’s enough about me bagging out bags.

Comment down below, what’s your go to Trendy Backpacks, even if its not mentioned above πŸ™‚